Crystal Lit Cube at ESGS 2018

As gamers ourselves, being able to share something we created to fellow gamers is very satisfying.

ESGS 2018 (Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit) Philippines was the first event that we joined. We figured that this was a great venue for us to share our creation.

Crystal Lit Cube started out as we wanted to design our “gaming stations” and aside from RGB lighting, we wanted a lamp. We looked up gaming lamps on ETSY. There are a lot of options, however the shipping is more expensive than the product itself given that they come from the US and we are based in the Philippines.

We have been recycling glass bottles and we thought it might be a good material for a personalized lamp. Hence, Crystal Light Cubes were born. We were able to put any design into the lamp. And, hooray! We had our Monster Hunter themed lamps.

As the event was nearing, we were thinking of other games we can think of. The overwhelming support of fellow gamers are what fueled us to continue on this. They were able to send a pick a design they want and we would turn it into LED Lamps.

We can imagine what it must’ve felt like for them as we, ourselves, were very happy to finally have a lamp custom designed for our gaming stations.

The event went on for three days. It was where we were able to figure out our price points, audience, and demand for our product

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