Toycon 2018 | A toy enthusiast's heaven

An overload of toys and collectibles is what you’ll find at this event. It’s amazing to know that the store owners are enthusiasts themselves and you can actually ask them for a recommendation.

I remember trying to look for a Blue Saber (from Fate) only to find out that it was a rare figure and they didn’t have any anymore. I wish to have become an enthusiast because the community is really great!

Back to CLC, we figure that TOYCON meant there would be A LOT of options and we can’t possibly make all of the designs we think we can make. Therefore, we figured it was time to take customized orders, wherein customers were able to send a photo/design they want and that’s what we’ll make into a lamp.

SURPRISINGLY, most of the orders were not even toys or pop culture related. But PHOTOS of themselves! Which was even better! I mean, a family photo as a lamp? We were happy to be seeing couples, long distance relative, with the grandparents, and even their dogs!

In this event we were able to take pictures during the event and ship off the lamps 3-5 days later.

It was a success! And that’s where I started learning the shipping process of our product as we personally went to LBC and even booked the deliveries in Metro Manila one-by-one. Imagine sitting at a condo lobby with eco bags and running in and out to meet Grab and Lalamove drivers (who were all very kind!) Hoping we can join this event again!

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