A thoughtful approach to gift giving.

Crystal Products made from Upcycled Crushed Glass. 

We make something beautiful out of something broken


Beautiful and Functional

Coasters are the new trendy gifts and souvenirs
Our hand-made Crystal Coasters made from crushed glass. Each coaster is hand made and no two coasters will look the same. These are translucent and makes it sparkle under the sun.

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Small gems in your home

Using our crushed glass material. Each coaster is handmade and customized to match your color scheme. ​

The Make

This material adds more shine and glittery effect on each coaster.

Unique look and Personalized

All coasters can be custom colored, solid or mixed-- and personalized with your name or logo.


Corporate Giveaways

Coasters are the new and trendy giveaway. With our upcycled materials, your comoany logos will definitely shine through. 

Make an impact and impress your clients.

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Crystal LED Lamps

Memorable and Personalized

Choose your Photo

Vivid, Contrasting, and High resolution photos work best!

Choose a Product

We have a variety of products and sizes ranging form Standard Frame, Geometric, and Signage

Send it  to us

Send it through our order form or email us at


"In a fast paced and busy world, give something that is memorable, tangible,  and thoughtful"


Life's beautiful moments in Crystal Lamps

Personalized | Memorable | One of a Kind


Personalized LED Lamps

A product that started with us, As we wanted a personalized and specific lamp design. Since day one we have been creating new products to better feature your photos in Crystalized LED Glass Lamps.

The Make

We upcycle glass bottles and use these to give a crystalized effect on personalized lamps. Each lamp uses 5-15 bottles depending on the size. 

Wooden frames made from upcyeld palochina wooden crates, and LED backlight for long lasting use

Thoughtful, Memorable, and Tangible

Taking advantage of the digital and easy access to taking beautiful photos and turning it into a product that you can hold, display, and serve as a conversation piece in any home or office. Perfect for gift givings and tokens of gratitude.


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